Conceptual and editorial principles
Anthology edition TEN CENTURIES OF SERBIAN LITERATURE (hereafter: the Anthology) is a project of national importance, initiated by Matica Srpska Publishing Centre in 2007.

Proposal for the publishing of the Anthology (initially entitled Serbian literature in 150 books) was submitted by Miro Vuksanovic, Slavko Gordic, Milivoj Nenin and Gojko Tesic. The proposal was accepted in 2007 by Matica Srpska Publishing Centre Assembly (hereafter: the Centre), Matica Srpska Board of Directors and Matica Srpska Assembly (April 12th, 2008). This initiative was, as well, supported by the Serbian Literary Community.

Matica Srpska Board of Directors appointed the managing editor for the Centre on November 17th, 2008, and his proposal for the editorial board of the Anthology was accepted by the Centre Assembly (December 23rd, 2008) and Matica Srpska Board of Directors (March 16th, 2009).

The Anthology will present the entire development of Serbian literature, with purpose of reassessing it according to new findings and criteria.

The Anthology will cover important Serbian literary achievements from different periods, making a choice among the best, representative works, unbiased to any literary genre or style.

The Anthology will be chronological (not necessarily chronologically published), and as a specific literary history review, it will represent and contrast present and past values in a creative way.

The Anthology will show the connections of Serbian literature with other national literatures, general models and motifs, influences and affinities, but above all the distinctiveness and indisputable values of Serbian literature..

The Anthology will comprise ten centuries of Serbian literature, from 12th century literary works to the 21st century, including all genres of oral and written literature in Serbian language.

The Anthology will evenly present Serbian folk literature, Serbian medieval, renaissance and baroque literature, as well as 18th, 19th, 20th and the beginning of 21st century Serbian literature. It will be open for remarkable works that may appear during publishing and later on.

The most important writers in Serbian language will be represented in the Anthology, regardless of the time their work appeared, place of printing and form or dialect of Serbian language used. It means that no “keys” (territorial or temporal) will be used.

Contemporary orthography issued by Matica Srpska will be used for printing the books in the Anthology, except in cases when language or stylistic peculiarities demand certain deviations.

In the same volume of the Anthology, works of the same author may be printed regardless to genre, as well as related texts of several selected authors (in existing or commissioned anthologies; by epochs and genres in them).

Every book of the Anthology will be compiled by experts for particular periods of Serbian literature and for particular authors, according to unified scientific model made by Editorial board.

Apart from selected texts, every book of the Anthology will also contain:
a) Foreword (new text to the extent of one author’s sheet);
b)Chronology of author’s life and work (basic data);
v) Bibliographic contribution (first editions, complete works, selected references, data on complete or lexicon bibliographies);
g) Compiler’s notes (basic data on compiling, including principles for scientific use of transcription and similar explanations);
d) Selected critical review (1-1,5 author’s sheet of one or three authors at the most).

Editorial board will decide which books will contain index or indexes, glossaries, explanation notes and other additions.

The Anthology will be issued in an annual series. Selection of writers and their works will be carried out in stages. Books in the first series will be compiled and published in 2009 and 2010.

The Anthology is funded by the Republic of Serbia, the Province of Vojvodina, from donations and the Centre’s incomes, as well as by participation of executive publisher (co-publisher) if a favourable contract is made.

Books in the Anthology will be uniformly bound, hard-covered, with appropriate shape and number of pages (up to 500 pages large format), printed on toned paper. Printing will be defined after subscription offer and based on the obligations towards financiers. Every book will contain its electronic version on CD with appropriate design and protection.

These Conceptual and editorial principles were accepted by the members of Editorial board of the Anthology at sessions held in May 17th, July 7th and November 16th, 2009 and February 23rd, 2011, and they will be amended and applied in further work.

111. Sveti Sava 
112. Stefan Prvovencani, Domentijan, Teodosije
113. Danilo II, Danilov ucenik, Grigorije Camblak, Jefimija, Danilo III, Stefan Lazarevic, Andonije Rafail, Konstantin Filosof, Jelena Balsic, Nikon Jerusalimac
114. Dimitrije Kantakuzin, Konstantin Mihailovic iz Ostrovice, Pajsije, Arsenije III Crnojevic
115. Old Sebian poetry; notes and inscriptions, arengas
116. Simple forms of folk literature
117. Lyiric folk songs
118. Epic folk songs
119. Lyrical-epical folk songs
110. Folk stories and traditions
111. Marin Drzic
112. Dzivo Gundulic
113. Zaharija Orfelin
114. Simeon Piscevic
115. Dositej Obradovic
116. Gavril Stefanovic Venclovic, Aleksije Vezilic, Jovan Muskatirovic, civic poetry
117. Jerotej Racanin, Jovan Rajic, Mihailo Maksimovic
118. Gerasim Zelic, Vikentije Rakic, Savo Mrkalj
119. Aleksandar Piscevic, Sava Tekelija, Anka Obrenovic
120. Milovan Vidakovic
121. Atanasije Stojkovic, Joakim Vujic
122. Lukijan Musicki
123. Pavle Solaric, Jovan Dosenovic, Jovan Pacic
124. Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic
125. Nicifor Ninkovic, Prota Mateja Nenadovic
126. Sima Milutinovic Sarajlija
127. Jovan Hadzic, Jovan Subotic, Vasilije Subotic
128. Jovan Sterija Popovic
129. Djordje Markovic Koder
130. Petar II Petrovic Njegos
131. Jakov Ignjatovic
132. Branko Radicevic
133. Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa, Marko Miljanov
134. Ljubomir Nenadovic, Milica Stojadinovic Srpkinja
135. Djura Jaksic
136. Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj
137. Lazar Komarcic, Pera Todorovic
138. Laza Kostic
139. Milovan Glisic, Radoje Domanovic
140. Laza Lazarevic, Janko Veselinovic
141. Simo Matavulj
142. Stevan Sremac
143. Dragutin Ilic
144. Vojislav Ilic
145. Jelena Dimitrijevic, Vladan Djordjevic
146. Svetolik Rankovic
147. Branislav Nusic
148. Jovan Ducic
149. Stanislav Vinaver
150. Petar Kocic
151. Borisav Stankovic
152. Isidora Sekulic
153. Veljko Petrovic
154. Dragisa Vasic
155. Ivo Andric
156. Ivo Andric
157. Ivo Andric
158. Milos Crnjanski
159. Milos Crnjanski
160. Milos Crnjanski
161. Momcilo Nastasijevic
162. Rastko Petrovic
163. Desanka Maksimovic
164. Vladan Desnica
165. Oskar Davico
166. Mesa Selimovic
167. Milovan Djilas
168. Mihailo Lalic
169. Branko copic
170. Bosko Petrovic
171. Dobrica Cosic (I-II)
172. Dusan Radovic
173. Vasko Popa
174. Antonije Isakovic
175. Aleksandar Tisma
176. Pavle Ugrinov
177. Stevan Raickovic
178. Radomir Konstantinovic
179. Miodrag Pavlovic
180. Aleksandar Popovic
181. Milorad Pavic
182. Borislav Pekic
183. Borislav Pekic
184. Miodrag Bulatovic
185. Dragoslav Mihailovic
186. Ivan V. Lalic
187. Slobodan Selenic
188. zivojin Pavlovic
189. Jovan Hristic
190. Svetlana Velmar-Jankovic
191. Branko Miljkovic
192. Danilo Kis
193. Ljubomir Simovic
194. Borislav Radovic
195. Milovan Danojlic
196. Mirko Kovac
197. Ljubivoje Rsumovic
198. Matija Beckovic
199. Miroslav Josic Visnjic
100. Novica Tadic
101. Milosav Tesic
102. Dusan Kovacevic
103. David Albahari
104. Radoslav Petkovic
105. Svetislav Basara
106. Goran Petrovic


107. Srpski rjecnik Vuka Stefanovica Karadzica
108. Antologija Bogdan Popovic
109. Knjiga Jovana Skerlica
110. Antologija srpskog pesnistva Miodraga Pavlovica
111. Poezija Dubrovnika i Boke kotorske Zlate Bojovic
112. Knjiga o Zmaju Laze Kostica
113. Knjiga o Njegosu Isidore Sekulic
114. Knjiga o Lazi Kosticu Stanislava Vinavera
115. Znakovi pored puta Ive Andrica
116. Antologija knjizevnosti za decu
117. Antologija satire i aforizma
118. Knjiga Bozidara Knezevica
119. Knjiga Anice Savic Rebac
120. Svedocenja Dobice Cosica


The second series of the Anthology edition will include:
1. Selections, panoramas, chrestomathies of all genres;
2. 20th and 21st century authors who did not appear in the first series;
3. Literary historians, literary critics, essayists;
4. Special books (second part).
Anthology edition
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