THE MATICA SRPSKA LITERARY SOCIETY (founded in 1826, in Pest and moved in Novi Sad in 1864) appeared with the intention “to publish Serbian manuscripts and disseminate them from now to eternity” as well as to provide for regular publishing of Letopis (Chronicle), the oldest Serbian journal still in print, whose first issue in 1824 was edited by Georgije Magarasevic. The Matica Srpska Literary Society was founded by Gavrilo Bozitovac, Jovan Demetrovic, Josif Milovuk, Petar Rajic, Andrija Rozmirovic, Djordje Stankovic and Jovan Hadzic, its first president.
The Matica Srpska Literary Society published its first books in 1827 (books of Jovan Sterija Popovic and Milovan Vidakovic), and in 2007 it founded its Publishing Centre continuing the rich tradition of the former Matica Srpska Publishing Company.
The Matica Srpska Publishing Centre issues the Anthology edition Ten centuries of Serbian literature (the first series in 2010, the first editor Miro Vuksanović) and the Edition Matica (launched in 2007,the first series edited by Miro Vuksanovic, creator of the Matica Srpska Publishing Centre’s basic concept, Slavko Gordic and Milivoj Nenin).
Invited contemporary Serbian writers publish their books in the Edition Matica. The Anthology edition Ten centuries of Serbian literature is published according to Conceptual and editorial principles. Both editions are issued in annual series.
The Publishing Centre published the capital work The history of Serbian literary criticism  by Predrag Palavestra in two volumes. The History completes the series Serbian literary criticism, published from 1975 to 1995 in 25 volumes.
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